“Fall into my disaster,
sink down to the depths!
dive within this dream I’ve built
before the great collapse
Final Setting of the Crescent Sun, by its fall at night my work is done.
And when it’s through I will be satisfied,
for ruining such selfish lives.
Don’t question the reasons why I had to leave you all alone,
Don’t plan ahead too far, my path is a winding road.
I speak with sincerity. All you love, and all you keep,
will be ripped, torn, taken away.
What’s written will remain.
As I decide, so it is.
A perfect life will soon exist.
Fall into my disaster, now that it’s begun
Fill the skies with blood of martyrs for the Crescent Sun.
Beautiful the sight, an image so pristine, so pure.
Sacrifice the immortal, he might not die but he can burn.
Acid deteriorates the gift cells from the bone,
taking the pain away, leaving the soul.”
They broke my bones,
then they filled them in,
now they take it all away,
I begin again.
The sun shines down, warm on my face
a primary sensation I can trace.
Then a second, so loud a clamor,
Within the pauses I hear the unheard.
Crashing waves, a sound so clear, distinctly familiar.
In my gut, in my bones, I know I’ve been here before.
All that we see, all that we seem is but a dream within a dream.
What’s written will remain until we clean the slate.
Then all is clear in that instant, I remember this time.
Just the calling of the birds is enough to break the silence.
My sense of urgency is gone, the clock has stopped.
How long have I been lost? I must return.
There is life in this place like I’ve not seen
Through my infinite dreams, my endless sleep.
So beautiful the sight, an image so pristine,
I sense a turning of pages with growing of leaves.
I awake to crashing waves.
I awake.
My eyes are open.


from The Crescent Sun, released December 21, 2013



all rights reserved


The Collective Unconscious Morehead City, North Carolina

Based around common musical interests and a passion for being creative, The Collective Unconscious blends a stream-of- consciousness music style with a conceptual narrative. The Placebo Effect EP, self-recorded in a home studio, is our first attempt at making an engaging auditory experience. Free downloads encouraged, we hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening! ... more

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