A gaping hole and a stillness in the room,
Through this portal a world is being entombed.
We tried to close it off, we tried to shut it down,
but the rip in the pattern refused to be unfound.
Couldn’t keep it contained though we made an attempt.
No blend of alchemy was proven effective.
“But why should we fret?” said one of the Guild,
“We could be gods, after all.
We have the control to create what we wish!
What could possibly oppose us?
we could be gods.
Recreate the world in our image.”
Our eyes wander throughout the room, not sure what to say
One by one we gave consent, it made so much sense in that moment
it was unanimous, a decision to rip it apart and render it again,
make reality of our vision. A perfect world.
Now begin the process: tear apart, terraform
write the world as we see fit.
Control their minds and attention,
use the power of their worship.
Torn apart. Terraformed.
Reverse entropic fields enforce the borders,
between the fiction and what’s real.
Reality written by hand.
But in creating a new world, we made our own god-damned.
The pattern bleeds beyond the cracks in a fractured sky,
This world will be born again, this earth now dies.
How foolish were we to think that we could corrupt the space-time continuum.

For an endless year each evening brings the same sight,
Sun setting in the sky,
it's not normal anymore,
instead a pair of crescent horns,
the color of blood so bright.
Our caravan traces burnt roads,
our souls weary, our feet tired.
Nothing in this wasteland is left unburnt by the fire.
Yet here we are.
If we cut the stone, build it into bricks,
it might be possible to rebuild.
If we find the immortal man,
as he wanders to no end,
he might take mercy on us,
help us build the bricks.
So that our children and the generations to come
will find comfort underneath the crescent sun.
Or he could just kill us all.
Finish the job and wash his hands clean.
He’s not human anymore, so we will see
if there will be forgiveness.

No forgiveness. No second chance.


from The Crescent Sun, released December 21, 2013



all rights reserved


The Collective Unconscious Morehead City, North Carolina

Based around common musical interests and a passion for being creative, The Collective Unconscious blends a stream-of- consciousness music style with a conceptual narrative. The Placebo Effect EP, self-recorded in a home studio, is our first attempt at making an engaging auditory experience. Free downloads encouraged, we hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening! ... more

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